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Has your retail team been asked to contribute to the institutions overall business development growth goals? Have they embraced your sales culture? Are they getting results or simply going through the motions? Do they know what to say when they're at a networking event or on a business call? If they were asked about their prospecting plan, what would they say? Are your other departments inviting your retail managers on joint calls because they add value or because they "have" to? Do they have a plan?

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The Bench:
If you had a management opening, are you confident you could fill it from within? Are your assistant managers, supervisors or Jr. managers frustrated by a lack of advancement opportunities? Is your bench even worth investing in? Have you given your future managers the tools that are required to become successful should the opportunity become available?


Whether commercial, consumer or residential, are your lenders bringing in new customers or are they simply taking what comes "through the door"? Are they losing deals because of rate or terms? Are they able to define the difference between a busy day and a productive day? Are they asking to be held accountable or asking to be left alone? Do they have a plan?                 

Green Door Consulting Group strives to help community based financial institutions develop a culture of expectation, accountability, trust and communication, and an organizational sales philosophy that recognizes that discipline creates confidence which in return gets results.. We will work to improve sales, productivity and communication. All while instilling a sense of purpose and empowerment throughout the institution. Find out how we can help you and your financial institution today!