Green Door Consulting group is a consulting firm that has a habit of sticking our noses into the core culture of community based financial institutions that are either struggling to introduce a "sales culture" or more likely have struggled to sustain the sales culture they have. GDCG typically works with financial institutions that have between 3 and 25 branch locations. Our best clients realize that investing in their people is the most effective and most direct path to sustainable growth. Built on a solid foundation banking, management and business development experience with a framework that includes perspective, a challenge mindset and at times a sense of humor, Green Door believes that financial institution growth is directly tied to building a culture of expectations, accountability, trust and communication.

Culture is one of the rallying cries of financial institutions everywhere. Surprisingly, it's very difficult to define let alone quantify. Introduce a culture without setting expectations or accountability and the only culture you'll establish is a culture of "this too shall pass". What is the culture at your financial institution now. What would you like it to be?

Kevin DeNorscia began his banking career in 1989 and over the last 25+ years has worked in almost every area a Financial Institution can offer. From HR, retail management and corporate cash management to commercial lending, business development and training; Kevin has spent his entire career either working for, or consulting to, some of New England's premier banks and credit unions. Kevin is a proud member of the New England high school wrestling community and currently serves as the Head Varsity Wrestling Coach at Saint John's High School in Shrewsbury , MA. Kevin resides in Holden with his wife Justine and their 3 children.

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Generally, a team performs at a level that is in direct relation to what their manager is willing to tolerate. Expectations and accountability, as well as incentive and consequence, are the yin & the yang of any leadership team. Whether its current leaders or leaders of the future, culture shift and/or alignment must begin here.  

It is our core belief that if sales and growth are important elements of your financial institution's strategic plan, then you need to make sure all of your "sales people" (retail leaders, business development officers, loan originators, etc.) are working out of the same playbook. Commitment over comfort is a battle being fought between the ears of bankers every day. Let us help your team  navigate outside thier comfort zone and into success.